Biking is admittedly a bit of an adventure in New Haven.  Last week, we went for a long ride along a Canal Trail several neighboring towns have set up for long distance biking.  It was pleasant and car-less, for the most part, but as with anything in life, there’s no guarantee that you’ll return home unscathed.  Unless, of course, you decide to stay inside — but where’s the fun in that? I almost got hit by a car going far too fast to stop before the crosswalk I happened to be using.  She couldn’t see me until she went flying over the hill separating her from my line of site, and so the expected happened. Her breaks screeched, as did mine, and I stopped just in time to watch her glide through the spot I could have been if our timing was just a little bit off.  All was ok, though — I left, a bit shaken, James followed, a bit angry, and we went on with our lives.I’ve been biking several times since, but I know I’ve been more wary since that ride. I’m thinking of getting night lights for my bike, and maybe some reflective gear (not that any of that would actually have prevented the situation last week from occurring). And I’ve been a little reluctant to start my pledge to bike short distances, until I know cars can see me on the road ahead.  But I’ll get there.I’m more hopeful that the driver of that car has been affected similarly by our near miss.  I hope she will start to slow down before careening around a corner, or going over a hill, and that she’ll consider the possibility that she’s not the only person on the road.  If all drivers in New Haven learn that lesson, I think it’d be a beautiful city to bike in.  In the meantime, I’m just going to have to be more careful.

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