For those of you who haven’t seen Marian Burros’s article on small dairies in today’s  NY Times Dining & Wine section, be sure to have a read.  Yes, it’s about milk, which most people probably don’t consider much when they’re grabbing a gallon or two from their local supermarket shelf.  But the article’s right: artisan dairy products taste nothing like their mass-produced cousins.  We recently started buying raw milk from Deerfield Farm in Durham, CT, mostly because James started trying to make cheese in our home kitchen, and once we tasted the real stuff, we couldn’t go back — even at twice the price.

But really, even if milk isn’t exactly a titillating subject for everyone, check the article out anyway, if only to read about Nancy Nipples the Milkmaid of the Pike Place Market Creamery. (Yes, Burros assures us — that is her legal name).

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