take a guess

I’ve been playing with some pretty strange looking (but tasty) ingredients this week.


Can anyone guess what this is? If so, you probably have some idea of what particular part of the world I’ll be posting on later tonight.  Stay tuned for more …


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6 responses to “take a guess

  1. Um a rock? Ooo your making stone soup! lol.

  2. liz

    No, not without dental insurance. 🙂 Though I suppose it does kind of look like one, now that I think about it!

  3. pshaz

    i know exactly what that is, and they are NOT TASTY! though they are pretty. also in a similar category of weirdness is balut, but those don’t deviate in taste nearly as much from the expected.

    are you making something else with them?

  4. liz

    balut is something i just can’t picture stomaching. then again, the same was true with this when i first saw it, but i ended up liking it in small doses, paired with a dish made with another ingredient I wasn’t so sure of at first. you’ll see tonight.

  5. pshaz

    yeh im not a fan of bitter melon either. but together? maybe i’ll see if my folks will wrangle something like that up for me.

    balut actually tasted like… well, like a hard boiled egg. a little bit more iron flavor, and with a tasty little broth when you first crack the egg, but it mostly just tasted like egg does.
    it’s mostly just the psychological aspect that’s freaky, i think.

  6. liz

    Hey, it’s worth a shot. I just thought it was kind of interesting that they seemed to work together. I totally didn’t expect it.

    Hmm… maybe I’ll be a little less afraid of balut if I get the chance to give it a shot. I’ve only read about it before, and I guess the embryo was a bit more developed in the case the author was describing? I was afraid it would be crunchy on some level, which says nothing about the taste, of course. I eat little fish, bones and all; I don’t know why fertilized eggs would weird me out.

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