butterfliesThe garden is dug, thanks to two pairs of now-blistered, aching hands. The seeds we started last week are beginning to poke gently through the surface of the soil. Me? I’m getting so excited, after seeing all the pretty produce at the monthly farmer’s market today. (As an aside, I want to have laying hens when I finally settle down somewhere — fresh eggs are bloody amazing!)

If all goes well, we’ll be able to go out back and pick dinner straight from the soil. Three varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, rainbow chard, bell and hot peppers, herbs, mesclun mix, squash (for the squash blossoms!), haricots verts, and a few varieties of flowers … Yum. Provided, of course, that this house didn’t happen to replace some heavy industrial plant of some sort. New Haven, I love ya, but I’m not entirely sure I trust your soil.

On a somewhat unrelated note, check this out. It’s kind of fascinating, and makes a good point.

The celery root dish I promised is coming along swimmingly, but you’ll have to wait a bit… My hands are officially finished working for the night.


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5 responses to “Anticipation

  1. Hehe, I love the link

    Good luck with your garden! I just added “get starter beds” to my to do list – we always forget and wait too long to start our tomatoes… I guess now is the time!

  2. Pamela

    Ah…wouldn’t Jamie Oliver be proud. As your friend with a very, very brown thumb I am jealous.

    Also, nice to hear you love New Haven..warms my heart a bit.

  3. liz

    Thanks, Rachael! Heh… We’re usually just as bad about getting things stared. I think we started trying to grow stuff in July last year, which was kind of funny — we brought the tomatoes into the basement in pots and watched them ripen until November, which was probably not the best plan. The only reason we are on the ball this year is that I got into a random conversation with one of the accelerator operators (at 2 am, of course, because what else are you going to do if the experiment’s running smoothly?) about gardening, and he told us where to get cheap supplies (Ocean State Job Lot, in Milford, if you’re curious).

    Pam, my thumb isn’t exactly green. 😛 I’m trusting in James to help make things live, but the farming class helped, and things actually sprouted! Maybe we’ll have actual homegrown salad mix when you come visit next?

  4. Such beautiful flowers!

  5. pshaz

    woah, it took a week to see shoots? that is wicked.

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