I’m still here!

Hi all,

I just thought I’d let you know that I’m still here, and actually have a backlog of posts for you, all planned and excessively photographed. Unfortunately, my third ride in a tow truck in as many weeks is going to delay things a bit more. Time for a new car, I think…?

(On the plus side, tow truck drivers have some really interesting stories.)

Talk to you soon,




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3 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. pshazz

    oh man! flippin me too, on the new car. has your mechanic figured it out yet?

  2. liz

    I hope so — apparently I needed a new alternator, which I would have known if my battery warning light wasn’t burnt out. Yay … Anyway, at least that is hopefully good news?? Cars suck … Anything new wrong with yours, or just the last list of repairs?

  3. Third ride in a tow truck? Oh no!! I am sure we can hear the story on Saturday…

    I know the feeling of being so busy. It must feel great now that your big deadline is over and done with! Hopefully you can take a few days off (I tend to do that after my committee meetings, but my PI probably wouldn’t notice if I was gone for a month, so that helps!)

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