Bad blogger

Challah tease

I had all sorts of grand plans for this post. A yummy challah recipe, a little story, and a few things to tide you over until I return (or at the very least, have computer access again). But here it is, 5 hours before I leave, and I’m just finishing dinner. So I’m afraid I’m just going to leave you with a photo and a promise. We’re going hiking and camping in California, and will come back with all sorts of tips for roughing it (and eating well while you’re at it). Oh yah, and pictures of the beach. šŸ™‚ Um … and the challah recipe, which is, truth be told, not quite what I pictured when I started making the recipe. But it was yummy nonetheless.

So, see you at the start of June!



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3 responses to “Bad blogger

  1. i’m looking forward to camping cooking tips…since i’m going camping for a whole week this summer and need some more ideas.

  2. ooo.. Hv a great trip!! take care!

  3. Have fun on the trip! Your picture is tempting!

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