Take that, dataset (and other stories)

Yes, the recipe is that simple.

Yes, the recipe is simple.

I won’t pretend that I have time to write a post, because it’s already 12:30 am and I just got home half an hour ago. From work. Not the bar. Not sightseeing. Not incredible stargazing in this land where the sky is peppered with the Milky Way’s vast, impressive expanse. Ok, I can’t actually show you proof of Australia’s breathtaking starscape here – there is a city surrounding me, after all. But I can show you what Canberra looks like (if you’ve been here already, check out the latest pictures from Telstra Tower / Black Mountain). I can also give you a recipe that is perfect for those meals where you really don’t know whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. Just check the link, and remember, quantities are for wimps. Or perfectionists. Or people who don’t have a paper, two talks, a poster, and a dataset to finish analyzing. All within the next week and a half. So if I neglect your comments, I’m really sorry … I’ll catch up when I have a bit of breathing room.


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4 responses to “Take that, dataset (and other stories)

  1. Dad

    It all looks wonderful, and it’s getting me inspired to write up my hotplate motel meals over the next few days, procrastinating until the first day of school (Monday, alas).

  2. liz

    Monday already? Damn… I’m looking forward to the hotplate meals, though. I need some new ideas. 😛

  3. That recipe looks great!

  4. Dee

    Some of my fave meals are the ones bang out in a jiffy. This recipe has all my fave ingredients so it’s a handy one 🙂 Hang in there.

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