Goodbye, Canberra

From Telstra Tower

From Telstra Tower

Finally, I’m packed and off to the next adventure. Tomorrow? Germany awaits, as does James, who arrives just as I do. It’ll be good to see him again, after early phonecalls snuck in before work, a 14 hour time difference, and more work than I have quite yet managed to wrap my head around. It’s been a great experience — character building stuff (or something), as some might say. I say simply that I’ll miss the early morning chill on the funnily artificial yet pleasant lake on morning runs, riding out to the bush in 30 seconds flat, and feeling quite small in a sky so grand compared to the one I grew up with.  I have been lucky to work with some awesome people, have learned a hell of a lot, and have realized that I actually do miss home. This is a good thing; I’m lucky to have a home worth returning to.

Anyway, I’ll have to save a full report for later … I still have proceedings to write, and a flight to catch tomorrow. I’m flying Qantas — cross your fingers for me. 😛



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2 responses to “Goodbye, Canberra

  1. Have a good flight! Enjoy Germany!!

  2. ooo!! More adventures frm Germany I hope! *Waves*

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