An update (finally)

Yummy beet tzatziki in Canberra.

Yummy beet "tzatziki" in Canberra.

No, I am not yet organized enough to give you markets in Paris or adventures in Germany. In fact, I’m still stuck in Australia here, mostly because the backlog of pictures is so large that it’s going to take me all week to get things sorted for you all. If you must, visit my flickr page on Cologne, where I haven’t yet gotten around to commenting. At the moment, I want to tell you about this awesome, simple dip that I discovered at a Turkish restaurant in Australia. I have no clue what it’s called, but it’s basically yogurt, salt, garlic, a bit of pepper, and beets, grated and mixed in. It’s a fluorescent purple, looks totally inedible, and is probably the best thing I found in my final week in Canberra. It’s definitely something I’m going to try to make when I get home.  Is it just something that has come out of Australia’s seeming devotion to beets, or have other people had this before? Why have I missed out on this beautiful concoction for so long??

I think I’m getting a little carried away.

Next post, I promise to tell you about this:

This is the life. Too bad this is the worst koelsh I had on the whole trip.

This is the life. Too bad this is the worst koelsh I had on the whole trip.

Among other things, of course!


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  1. ooo. beets huh-i’m not sure about that but u sound excited!! hehe. Looking forward to more posts abt your Australia trip!

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