In which we take on London, in search of edible fractals

Produce at the Borough Markets. Look, fractals!

Produce at the Borough Markets. Look, fractals!

Nothing makes me want to live in London more than the Borough Markets.  You can wander through the stalls and check out all this beautiful, exotic (mostly local) produce, fragrant unpasteurized cheese, olive oils, Italian produce, and oh yes, the classic pork pie. Don’t forget the coffee — Monmouth is worth every sip. The coolest thing, though? Romanesque, pictured above, which I had never seen close-up before. It’s a perfect example of fractals in nature (and supposedly delicious, too). How awesome is that?

Borough Markets

Borough Markets

These markets are the best of accessible, affordable London, and if they’re open when I’m passing through, I make a point to head over there.  They’re a huge series of warehouses full of goodness, over near the Tate Modern, so go check it out. We met a friend there and wandered through, tasting this and that, bought a bit of bacon for James’s lunch the next day, and then headed over to the Tate to “interpret” modern art. Purely serious, I assure you. Ahem.

British Museum Interior

British Museum Interior

There was much more to the trip; I’ve basically only given you the tail-end. But a lot of it was pretty touristy — you know, the usual checklist. We basically did a three day hike across London — running in Hyde Park, walking outside the Tower of London because we couldn’t afford the entry fee (and checking out the gift shop for free interior pictures … Almost the same, right?), visiting the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, and just soaking in the atmosphere via a long series of misdirections, frustrating detours, and really awesome crepes from a street cart run by a lovely elderly woman. The pictures, should you be interested, are here.  We had a nice visit with James’s uncle, and had a great time exploring London. I suppose it’s a little understandable that I wasn’t quite ready to get on the train to Gatwick Sunday morning, to make my way to Warsaw.


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  1. You can get Romanesco (which is how they used to spell it. ::shrug::) here sometimes too. I used to get it when I lived in Washington State. It tastes sort of like broca-flower, you know, not quite broccoli, not quite cauliflower.

    Pretty, though.

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