Remember to vote tomorrow. Polls in CT are opening at 6 am, so no excuses!

I was going to do a get out the vote post, but David Lebovitz said everything I wanted to say, so I’ll point you to him.  I’ll just reiterate: if you’re one of my US readers, go vote! It’s a right a lot of people in the world would kill for. Why would you throw it away?

As for those voting in CT, take a careful look at the constitutional convention question on the ballot. It looks sort of innocent, but it’s not. Voting yes will bring the pro-life / anti-gay marriage contingent out in full force (guess who’s supporting this question?).

And happy 100th post to me!



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2 responses to “Vote!

  1. Happy 100th post!

    Three cheers for voting tomorrow — what an important election this is, too…

    Here’s a link to the constitutional ballot measure if anyone is interested:

    Let’s all vote “no” on that one!

  2. liz

    ohh, thanks for the link. I totally forgot that bit of useful info.

    BTW — Free loaf of bread at Atticus if you have your I Voted sticker on display! In case anyone needed more reasons to vote …

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