With the thesis, anyway. And I am totally celebrating with chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of Malbec.  Its a welcome change from Milky Ways and coffee, which I really don’t recommend for a balanced diet.  But I do have something that might just save dinner on those nights when you really don’t want to cook.  It involves *packages* (shudder). Three of them.  And you know what? I’m not ashamed. This is one mighty fine boxed meal.

All you need is a box of Trader Joe’s white cheddar mac and cheese (or any mac and cheese, as long as it is not orange.  I have nothing against Kraft; If you subsist off dollar stores or live in the dorm, it has its place.  But in this dish? It’s just not right somehow — you’ll see why in a second).  Next, you need some frozen spinach — maybe a cup or two, depending on your veggie craving.  And finally? Smoked trout in a tin.  Or smoked fish of any sort, as long as it’s cheap and not super salty. Actually, even tuna will work, but it won’t taste quite as upscale.  (But will certainly not mesh with the orange.  See what I mean?)  If you have a bit of gruyere or cheddar, you can grate that and mix it in, but this is totally optional.

Cook the mac and cheese according to the packet directions, mix in spinach and fish, heat, and serve.  That’s dinner in less time than it takes to go through a McDonald’s drive-thru, and it is TASTY. Seriously.  And at $3 a (huge) portion, I really can’t do much better.

Anyway, I’ll be back to normal soon, and so will this site. I’m kind of in a bread baking mood, as a matter of fact …


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12 responses to “I’m FINISHED!

  1. Yay! congrats on finishing your thesis. hope to see you around the blogosphere more soon.

  2. James

    Mmmm extremely tasty. What more could you ask for 🙂

  3. jenn

    Congrats again on the thesis!

    I envy the fact that it is done but not the amount of work you must have put in on it (I am just about to hit that crunch myself but I’m trying not to think about it…)

    I can guarantee that this recipe is going to see a lot of use in my future.

  4. liz

    Thank you, Jenn! And no worries — you will get it finished, and it will be great. You’re an excellent physicist, and can tell a story, so it’ll be alright … Best of luck, and I hope the recipe helps. 🙂

  5. liz

    and James, I’m glad you like it … You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you like spinach. 😛

  6. Yahooo! It’ll be smooth sailing now that the worst is over with. Congratulations!!

  7. jenn

    Thank you for the awesome vote of confidence 🙂 What a nice way to end a long day.

  8. jenn

    I finally got around to trying this tonight. To quote Myk “this one is certainly a keeper”.

    I am a bit annoyed at both of my local grocery stores though as in the whole canned fish section there is tuna and salmon and more tuna and more tuna and more salmon and some kippers and some more tuna… but almost no other types of fish. We finally found a total of 6 cans of mackerel fillets, so we went with that.

    • liz

      Good to hear! I can see mackerel working … Tuna is actually ok, too, but the smokiness is nice. I’ve only seen the smoked trout at Trader Joe’s over here, unfortunately. But it’s yummy. If I come up with a decent equivalent, I’ll let you know.

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