I’m being a lazy blogger at the moment. But look! We have seedlings!


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3 responses to “Seedlings!

  1. pshazz

    oh YAY! are these the peppers?

  2. liz

    no, the peppers are the only thing that haven’t come up yet, but that’s not unusual. it’s still too cold for them, even with the heating pad! those are a combination of lettuce and renegade sungold tomatoes from our soil last year (we cheated and didn’t use seed starter for this batch). weeding is going to be fun… how are yours going?

  3. pshaz

    ehhhh… well the ones i threw in the ground never sprouted because they were planted too deep. the ones i put in little containers for future transplant got knocked over (you like how i use the passive instead of the active. ‘oh no, it was not meee who knocked them over!’ as i shiftily look away in guilt). i put them right side up again, and they seem to be doing okay now… i’ll probably wait a little bit before i actually plant them in the real ground, since the tomato seedlings i put in the ground disappeared, most likely eaten.
    but uhm, since i knocked them over, i’m not sure which plants are which any more!

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