A little rant

Why does this remind me of something?

For the record, our garden takes us maybe an hour a week, if that, despite the fact that we have to lug jug after jug of water from the basement of our building to water it.  We don’t need chemicals — we just plant a lot of different varieties and seed more than we can actually grow.  Then we weed out the weaklings and wash our produce carefully.  That’s pretty much it. It’s not foolproof — we’ve learned what we can and cannot grow easily over the past year or so — but it seems to work pretty well for us, despite night shifts and paper writing and all the usual hectic bits of life.  And you know what? Seeing something you raised from seed thrive is one of the best feelings I can think of.

Granted, it does take a little work to learn how to prep the soil, etc — particularly if you’ve been killing everything off (both good and bad) with chemical fertilizers in the past.  But once you’ve figured that part out, you’re set for life.

Thanks to the Yale Sustainable Food Project newsletter for the link.


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2 responses to “A little rant

  1. That article, and the quote within it, is horrendous! I can’t believe people really think like that.

    I am so glad for the White House Garden… I hope it does make people think something is wrong with conventional produce…

  2. liz

    I know… It is sort of shocking. But I wonder how much of it is based on actual experience, and how much is pure PR bs?

    Re: the White House garden, I think it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see what happens when they start getting their first crops. Speaking of which, we have pea shoots!

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