Little things

Summer has gotten sticky, wet, and oppressive, like it tends to do here.  The promise of ripe tomatoes straight from the vine makes it bearable, just.

I started buying flowers every week, just because they cheer me up, and I need a little of that at the moment.  I love photographing them, as you might have gathered, and they tend to make mornings a little brighter. It’s something to look forward to: a small indulgence, like coffee at Fuel on Saturday mornings and runs up to the highest point of my city to watch the hawks circle and remember that humidity isn’t the only thing this place has to offer. Now that I don’t have this looming project to finish (oh, aside from the job search, but that’s another post), I’m learning to appreciate these things a bit more. It’s about time, I think.

Now all I have to do is learn to grow them.  The flower industry isn’t exactly environmentally sound, for the most part, and I should learn a bit more about where my flowers come from. But I’ll save that discussion for another post, and note that the farmer’s markets have some pretty ones out now…

Weekends have been / will be busy with all sorts of exciting things, and I’m a lazy poster at the moment. Someday soon I’ll actually post about food.



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2 responses to “Little things

  1. pshazz

    Wow, that folk festival looks awesome! Fleet foxes!

  2. liz

    Yah, I’m excited. And glad that most of the people I wanted to hear are on Saturday — we only got 1 day tickets, because it was really expensive! But it should be fun…

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