Sustainable food contest

I don’t usually respond to the blog world’s equivalent of press releases, but I’m making an exception for this case because I think some of you might be interested.  Brighter Planet, a company dedicated to helping people reduce their carbon footprint, is holding a Sustainable Cooking contest.  The idea is to get people to come up with ways of making cooking more environmentally friendly without sacrificing on taste and post whatever tips they come up with on the site.

I asked Matt Kring, Science Analyst for Brighter Planet, about what inspired the contest.  Since I have a wedding to finish preparing for (in a week — eek!) I’ll just go ahead and tell you what he had to say:

The inspiration for the contest came from a desire to expand the conversation surrounding the impact of food on climate change.  For the average American, their food footprint is actually on par with their transportation footprint, and yet  it receives comparatively little attention.  But not only is there a lot that each of us can to do reduce the impact of our diets, we can do so in a ways that’s a benefit rather than a detriment in terms of quality, flavor, health, and the joy of cooking — we just need inspiration and examples.  And as the incredible energy in the online food community demonstrates, the real power to inspire people doesn’t lie in a stagnant publication, it lies in a living, breathing conversation in which real people share their own stories and experiences.  That’s the aim of this contest — to encourage folks to share their sustainable cooking experiences, and inspire others to conserve in the process.

I’ve been assured that they will continue contributing to this site even after the contest is finished, so even if you don’t feel like entering, you should check back in every so often, because the good tips will keep on coming.

The contest will be judged by the likes of Alice Waters and Gary Hirshberg, among others, and the winner gets a Kindle and a $100 gift certificate to load it up with cookbooks.


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  1. Hey Liz,
    Thanks for your post. Hope you’ll submit some experiences and vote for the ones you like!!
    Carolyn @ Brighter Planet

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