What we have become

Well, I didn’t exactly plan such a long pause from this blog, but quite honestly, I’ve felt stuck in stressful limbo over the past couple of months. I still am, really, as I wait to find out where we have the option of going next year, what I might be doing, and what new opportunities moving somewhere new might bring.  All I know now is it’ll be something different, something where I may have a small opportunity to make a difference, if not now, then in the long run.  But that isn’t why I sat down to write this post.  Instead, I woke up this morning to read about the Supreme Court-approved takeover of our election process, the now uncertain fate of healthcare reform, and torture at Guantanamo Bay.  It all left me rather depressed about the state of this nation, and got me thinking about what got us in this mess.

Do I have an answer? No, not really. I don’t understand how money and fear have come to define this country’s political system.  We are still supposedly a land of promise, and yet, we would spit on the very people who need help the most, would take actions that would make even the most hardened among us shudder, and would do anything to make just a few more dollars. This is not a country to be proud of. Not today.

I think we’ve been hardened by fear and distrust.  The word community has disappeared from our lips, and we have forgotten what it’s like to be left with no options.  We have closed our eyes to all but the constant warning that, yes, we are under attack, and must remain vigilant.  This is what fear does. It makes us distrust our neighbor. It makes us do unthinkable acts.  It makes us fight amongst ourselves about who or what can protect us the most — from the economy, from a terrorist act, from the unknown or misunderstood.

And in the process, it robs us of our humanity.  Which is, quite honestly, the thing I fear the most.


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