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Since it’s gray and rainy today, I figured I’d post something cheerful.  James begged me to take these the other day, when it was sunny and gorgeous and he realized we really haven’t documented spring yet despite what feels like a million years in this town.  I wonder if I’ll appreciate spring nearly as much when there’s no East Coast February equivalent to reinforce the point that it all could be much, much worse?


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Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I get obsessed with random little things sometimes. Simple things, usually, that are nevertheless perfect in every detail. I’m not a details person, but I appreciate them, and the smallest things I notice seem to make me happiest for some reason.  Like the patterns the ice makes on our windows in the morning, or the first sign of color peeking out of the snow. Or a song by someone new that captures my attention. Like this one.  Go have a look.

(Via first milk.)


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