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Sticky sweet

Sometimes it’s best to let the picture speak for itself. Especially when it’s too hot to type, and you still have a page of your thesis to write before bedtime. At least the sticky New Haven heat is giving me incentive to finish this damn degree already, and escape somewhere else — anywhere, really. (Aha — now you know why I’ve been sticking to food lately. Aside from my vacation, there really hasn’t been much to report. That and I don’t have time to read a newspaper. But I digress. Did I mention we stood 100 feet from a mountain lion and survived? 😛 I don’t think we looked as good as these ribs…)

Palm sugar, crushed

Anyway, we made these char siu-style ribs on Sunday night, after the skies opened up and emptied their contents in a matter of minutes (or so it seemed).  They were AMAZING — worth every second in the oven.  I kind of missed them tonight, when we decided on a simple salad (with fresh lettuce! from our garden! complete with mini slug-like things for extra protein… kidding) because it was just too hot to cook. Not that I have anything against salads, of course.

My recipe is based on this recipe from the Cook and the Chef. I substituted a few things here and there to accommodate my pantry (like the palm sugar, above, in place of yellow rock sugar), and skipped the pork neck in favor of spare ribs, just because we had them. Choose a fatty cut of pork, whatever you do — you need the fat to keep the meat tender as they cook. I’m not sure if this is incredibly authentic, but I did my best with what I had.  They turned out beautifully — tender and delicious, with the perfect sweet / salty balance.

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