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The weekend is too far away

I have been living off of a bit too much takeout for comfort this week. Think cashew chicken from the Thai cart, egg and cheese on rye from the Italian market down the street, and of course, innumerable cups of coffee from the cute little cafe positioned oh-so-conveniently down the street. Weeks like these suck my paycheck dry in unsuspecting increments — $4 here, $6 there, $10 if I splurge. So when tonight rolled around and I was faced with the challenge of making or obtaining food in the 20 minutes I had left before yet another task, I chose to stay home and pull a quick and satisfying recipe out of the back of my memory somewhere. It takes about 10 minutes to put together, and combines the best bits of breakfast with a subtle and sophisticated twist. Oh, and it is very, very cheap.  It even looks pretty, provided you have a camera that actually takes decent pictures without copious amounts of daylight. I’m still working on that last item, as you can see…

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