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The peppers are still a bit chilly, despite our occasional application of heat, and the chard has a very low germination rate, but oh, look at all the seedlings! If they all survive transplanting, we’ll have way too many tomato plants for our 4’x10′ backyard plot, and enough string beans, zucchini, and cucumbers to supply the neighborhood. But hey, I didn’t expect them to come up in the first place, and am therefore jumping up and down like a crazy person every time I see one come up for air.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my excitement, and let you know that I’ve got plans for this weekend’s posts in the works. I’ll be reviving my bread baking habit, which I somehow lost track of a couple of weeks ago. I hope to give you a useful comparison of different flour types for your own baking reference. Oh, and one of the posts will involve cocoa nibs, because I just got some in the mail, and can’t wait to put them to use.


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take a guess

I’ve been playing with some pretty strange looking (but tasty) ingredients this week.


Can anyone guess what this is? If so, you probably have some idea of what particular part of the world I’ll be posting on later tonight.  Stay tuned for more …


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