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Cookie monster


On a rainy spring day, there is nothing better than warm chocolate chip cookies. The molten chocolate nuggets encased in soft, buttery sweetness just makes the world seem a bit better somehow, and fill the house with that intoxicating scent of vanilla and warmth.

Wet ingredients

As I type this, it’s pouring outside, and doesn’t seem like it’ll let up for the rest of the weekend. But that’s ok — I love rainy weekends, when I have the luxury of staying inside and watching the rain streak my windowpanes and wash the world clean. I make a point of reveling indoors, with hot chocolate and data analysis and baking all going on at the same time somehow. Though perhaps this time I’ll just sit in my lovely citrus-colored armchair and pick out seeds for my soon-to-be-real garden, or read a book or two.


Or perhaps I’ll make another batch of these cookies. These were one of the many projects I took on last week, and oh, they were good. We baked half the batter on the weekend, and froze the rest, but even that didn’t last long. We were making toaster oven cookies all week, and couldn’t help but sample bits here and there. The frozen dough tastes just like the little nuggets you might find in Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, except these have a slightly more exotic kick.


See, I like to play with spices, and this recipe is a case in point. We have a small container of ground wattleseed, which is an Australian spice with a coffee-like flavor and rich brown color that is often used in sweet recipes like this. I decided to tweak the Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie recipe (thanks for the recommendation, Rachael!) with the spice, just to see what would happen. And, well, it’s pretty damn good. Is it worth going out and ordering wattleseed for this? No, probably not — espresso powder, as recommended in the original recipe, would probably have pretty much the same effect. But if you already have some in the house, or just want to experiment with a new ingredient, go for it. I certainly won’t stop you.

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