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Meyer lemon tart and a recipe in pictures

One of our first purchases for our new home in Sydney was a dwarf Meyer lemon tree. $50 and several months later, we picked our first three fragrant fruit. Not bad for a partially sunny balcony in Sydney’s Inner West, … Continue reading


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Raisin coriander sesame semolina sourdough

I only started to feel settled here in Sydney when we figured out where to get decent flour.  It was an outright quest for us, slowed only by the oppressive heat of summer, but we found it in the end: … Continue reading


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Cold-brewed iced coffee

Thank goodness for ice cubes. It’s been in the 40s here (C, not F–oh, how I wish it were the other way around), with high humidity, and it’s made for a rough week. Even Australians seem to be having a … Continue reading


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A closer look at America’s culinary landscape

Michael Brissenden’s article, “A land of truly ordinary culinary options”, is certainly one aspect of the USA’s culinary landscape.  It is what you see if you’re just passing through, if you don’t talk to the locals, if you forget the … Continue reading


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A list to pass the time

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the next step I want to take these days.  For the first time in my life, I don’t have a degree (mine or James’s) ahead of me, pulling me along through … Continue reading


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