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A first attempt at Ethiopian food

As much as I dread winter, I tend to do my best cooking then, when the warmth of the oven is welcoming, and work keeps my fingers warm and occupied in the long months before spring arrives and frees me from the cold.  When a snowstorm hits, and all the town is back from scavenging like madmen for food to sustain them through the long hours before the streets are cleared, I tend to choose something warm and spicy and new to spend an afternoon making.  On such days, I don’t mind grinding a thousand spices by hand, or trying out something that just might work, if only I give it a try.

These afternoons are more fun when I don’t have everything I think I need.  When I’m missing a few ingredients, I’m forced to improvise, to think about what each ingredient does to the dish, and to figure out how to achieve the same effect with what I have at hand.  I get to have taste tests, and run around the kitchen, searching for some forgotten spice or obscure ingredient that all of a sudden seems essential to the finished dish.  These eureka moments are quick and satisfying, unlike science, and that, perhaps, is why such experiments are so frequent in our household.  James and I both come home after a long struggle with some obscure problem or another, and create new ones: ones we can discard or change as we see fit, with only the judgement of our tastebuds to concern ourselves with.

This meal is the outcome of one such experiment, and was my first attempt at cooking Ethiopian food at home.  An impending snowstorm cut my shopping trip short, so I made do with the ingredients I had at hand, and was mostly happy with the results.  My mock injera was a semi-disaster (though edible enough), so I won’t share the recipe here, but the chicken stew (doro wett) was spicy and complex, without being overwhelming, and the cabbage dish was sweet and subtle.  The pair complemented each other surprisingly well, balancing sweet and spicy, rich and wholesome.  Both are worth trying out, especially if you’re craving hearty winter fare like I am.  And yes, you can skip the berbere. It won’t be quite the same, but I think the stew and cabbage will be satisfying nonetheless.

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When what’s for dinner is too much to ask

Chicken & Couscous

Take a nice bike ride (26 miles), add in a strenuous hike, throw in a bit of gardening, and then maybe a bit of desk work. Eat only hot cross buns, caffeine, and a bit of leftover pizza. Then tell me if you feel like making something nutritious and filling for dinner. Because if you’re me, you’re going to be mighty grumpy well before 7 pm.


Given that most Sundays happen to look fairly similar to my little checklist above, I’ve learned to have a few tricks up my sleeve. Yes, cookies are involved, but only for the pre-dinner prep. For the actual meal, there are protein, carbs, veggies, and some sort of liquid, and they all get thrown into a big, sturdy pot rather haphazardly (I am amazingly uncoordinated when I’m hungry). Sounds appetizing, right?


Despite its somewhat rough origins, this dish still manages to get a bit of praise every time, in all of its various guises. I highly recommend trying this at least once, as it’s quick to actually prepare, and can be customized to your taste. Use the recipe below as a rough guide for making this dish your own.

I haven’t forgotten about the baking post I promised. It’s coming along, though it’s taking a bit longer than I thought. As with everything else in life, it seems!

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