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I don’t like Mondays

Because I have to leave the garden, of course.  I’ll keep this short, as it should be when it’s late Sunday night and I have only just finished all the things I wanted to do today. Go check out the garden!

So far, we’ve had good luck with purple pole beans, spring onions (so sweet and delicious I don’t mind eating them raw), sweet nantes carrots, arugula, and lettuce. We did manage to get some dwarf peas (I can’t remember the exact variety) and cranberry beans out of the garden as well, though they were nowhere near as prolific as the purple ones.  I’m guessing purple pole beans are more resistant than the cranberry beans and peas to whatever pests we seem to have in abundance, but have yet to test my hypothesis.

And that’s just the early, cold-loving stuff.  It looks like we’ll have good luck with four different kinds of tomatoes (reisentraube, jaune flamme, red/pink brandywine).  The fifth, the Kellogg’s breakfast variety, was not a fan of all the rain we had earlier and has acquired a nasty case of blight.  I clipped off a bunch of yellow splotchy leaves this weekend on the one plant we stuck in the ground, and gave everything a spray of copper and sesame seed oil to keep aphids from spreading the blight and whatever other nasty fungal diseases wet weather inevitably brings.  This may or may not be related to the fact that it’s not fruiting — all I know is it’s definitely not the strongest variety of the bunch. It’s a beautiful vine, though.

Soon we should also have squash, melons, and ground cherries. Peppers … well, we’ll wait and see.  It always takes them ages to get started up here, because peppers like the cold about as much as I do.  And I’m pretty sure we stunted them somehow… One day, when we can afford heat (or live somewhere a little more pleasant, weather-wise), we might be able to grow peppers. But right now, getting the seeds going on schedule is just not worth an extra hundred gallons of oil.


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