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When what’s for dinner is too much to ask

Chicken & Couscous

Take a nice bike ride (26 miles), add in a strenuous hike, throw in a bit of gardening, and then maybe a bit of desk work. Eat only hot cross buns, caffeine, and a bit of leftover pizza. Then tell me if you feel like making something nutritious and filling for dinner. Because if you’re me, you’re going to be mighty grumpy well before 7 pm.


Given that most Sundays happen to look fairly similar to my little checklist above, I’ve learned to have a few tricks up my sleeve. Yes, cookies are involved, but only for the pre-dinner prep. For the actual meal, there are protein, carbs, veggies, and some sort of liquid, and they all get thrown into a big, sturdy pot rather haphazardly (I am amazingly uncoordinated when I’m hungry). Sounds appetizing, right?


Despite its somewhat rough origins, this dish still manages to get a bit of praise every time, in all of its various guises. I highly recommend trying this at least once, as it’s quick to actually prepare, and can be customized to your taste. Use the recipe below as a rough guide for making this dish your own.

I haven’t forgotten about the baking post I promised. It’s coming along, though it’s taking a bit longer than I thought. As with everything else in life, it seems!

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