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Monster seedlings

Remember these?

All grown up

Yes, believe it or not, all those cute little seedlings have taken over the front room in our house. It’s a perfect greenhouse, with full sun all day, at least one diligent person (not me) who remembers to give them water on occasion, and a nice breeze when we decide the air’s too perfect to keep outside. But I kind of want my desk back, so guess what our weekend plans are?  I think they’ll go nicely with the lettuce, shallots, strawberries, chard, and onions we already have out back. All are doing just fine, despite some seriously rocky soil, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll survive our upcoming trip to California (two weeks! I’m so excited!). It’ll be a welcome break from days that seem to be filled with menial, must-do-now tasks. Like labeling the gamma cave.


Every single wire.  Anyone want to help?



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